Foundation board members include:

Hervey Hann           

Kathy Cutchall

Meredith Whiteside

Sharon Mellott

Sherry Northcraft

Corina Barnhart

Virginia Palmer

Tracy Mellott

Rich Morgan

Mike Whiteside

Sandy Crouse

Kirk Layton

Terry Shade

The Southern Fulton Educational Foundation is governed by 13 volunteer board members--all residents of the district--who meet monthly, and it is a non-profit organization dedicated to obtaining funding to provide resources for the classrooms of the Southern Fulton School District. It is a 501   3 entity which makes donations tax deductible. Board members will gladly discuss the objectives of the foundation with any interested party. The Foundation is supported by the Southern Fulton School Board; however, it is a separate and independent entity.


Those wishing to support the foundation in their endeavors may do so by contacting any Southern Fulton Educational Foundation board member to volunteer to assit with fundrasing activites or to donate.